Family Eye Care and Contact Lens Center
Phone: (630) 377-2020 / Fax: (630) 402-0495
Professional Eye Examinations
 There are two seperate eye examination types depending on whether you want eyeglasses or Contact lenses.
Treatment of Eye Diseases
Contact Lenses
 Our office provides a wide variety of contact lenses to choose from. During the contact lens patient examination, the doctor will help you to determine which type of lenses will be best suited for your prescription and your lifestyle.
Optical Services
 20/20 Optical Shoppe has a wide variety of name brand frames to fit virtually any face shape, along with highly qualified staff to assist you in choosing the best lenses for your prescription and lifestyle.
Laser Vision Correction
 Our office is dedicated to providing the best in laser vision correction by combining innovative technology with superior patient care to ensure that our patients experience the best possible results.